Holotropic breathwork

Holotropic breathwork is a synthesis of ancient spiritual techniques and the findings of modern consciousness research. It was developed by Stan and his late wife Christina Grof at the Esalen institute in Big Sur, California in 1974. This deep form of self-experience makes it possible to heal old wounds and rediscover the spiritual dimension of being. Deep breathing and music create a nonordinary state of consciousness in which unprocessed elements from the life history can be integrated, an encounter with birth and death can take place or spiritual experiences become possible.

Bodywork, mandala drawing and group discussions support the integration of the experiences.

During a weekend seminar, each person is given the opportunity to experience one breathing session as breather and one session as sitter.


Brigitte Grof | Holotropes Atmen nach Grof



Brigitte Grof MA, PhD (h.c.), Dipl.-Psychologist, licensed psychotherapist, artist, training in transpersonal psychology and cooperation with Stan and Christina Grof at the Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California; internship at Pocket Ranch, Clinic for Spiritual Crises in California, USA; Training in holotropic breathwork with Grof (certified Holotropic Breathwork Practitioner); Training in Gestalt and body therapy, since 1987 leading seminars with holotropic breathwork; teaching of a 3-year training group in holotropic breathwork with Dr. Ingo Jahrsetz and many training modules. Leading her own training groups in process-oriented breathing and body therapy. Psychotherapeutic individual work with breathing, Gestalt and body therapy in free practice in Wiesbaden.

Since April 2016 she is happily married to Stanislav Grof. They conduct seminars and training courses in holotropic breathwork and in Transpersonal Psychology worldwide.

In May 2020 Stan and Brigitte Grof launched their new training in working with holotropic states of consciousness  the Grof® Legacy Training. www.grof-legacy-training.com. In the GLT the technique of holotropic breathwork ist taught under the name Grof® Breathwork.

In 2022 she received an Honorary PhD from Ubiquity University for her lifelong  work with Transpersonal Psychology, Holotropic States of Consciousness and  Art , and for co- creating the International Grof Legacy Training together with her husband Stanislav Grof.


Brigitte und Stanislav Grof

Wal, Dipl.-Psych. Brigitte Grof