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True King: A Spiritual Fairy Tale

Written and painted by Brigitte Grof
Translated by Stanislav Grof

The True King is a spiritual fairy tale and a love story for people on the inner path. It describes the adventures of a week and ineffective king who gets taken on a hero’s journey that transforms him into a wise, enlightened ruler who finally finds Love. The book is written in a clear, easily understandable style, which makes it interesting reading also for children who may not yet understand its deeper psychospiritual meaning.The story, accompanied by the author’s own dreamlike illustrations, takes the readers into inner realms of their hearts and souls.

Stanislav Grof M.D., author of "The Cosmic Game" and "When the Impossible happens"


Der wahre König von Brigitte Grof


Der wahre König von Brigitte Grof


The book "The True King" is the story of an adventurous inner journey of change that leads the reader with her dream-like pictures into her own soul and enchants the hearts.

Der wahre König von Brigitte Grof



Brigitte Ashauer-Grof mit Delphin

“Being happy is not as
bad as you think.”

Brigitte Grof 2016


Brigitte Ashauer-Grof und Stanislav Grof

“What is, is more important
than what was not.”

Stan Grof 2016